Liquid Paint

Part 01 - 'Liquid painting'

[82kb shockwave]
Yes it's quads again. I've found a few examples of people doing similar tricks using quads in director since creating this but none that go quite as far.
The clever bit is enabling the user to continually drag the mouse through the image leaving a constant trail of smeared pixels.

This was the original version posted to the site. It has been known to be a bit flaky running through shockwave, hopefully I fixed this with newer versions.

Part 02 - 'Lots of buttons'

[64kb shockwave]
This update is the latest version and has all the new features plus the preloader should make it more stable when running through a browser.

The undo feature was quickly added as a request. I haven't got around to 'rounding' the brush so it's a bit square at the moment.

Part 03 - 'Image linking'

[64kb shockwave]
An exciting new feature allows the url of an image to be added to url of the page link. This allows me to insert any image I like into the program through the url.
For example:

It will work with or without 'http://' at the start of the image path. For example:

I even made it easy by making this nice little form that will automatically use the url of an image you paste into the box.

Try finding images by searching here

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