There are a few films I remember watching when I was young. So young that I can only really remember about 5 seconds of the film but that five seconds is burned deep into my mind.

Streets of Fire.
There was a man, probably also a girl, I think the man had a gun, maybe a shotgun. I'm pretty sure there was a motor bike, it was dark and raining (or had rained) at some point. I thought it was pretty cool, it was on a bit late but my mom let me stay up to watch the end, which probably made my weekend.
Turns out this is a fairly well known film: link. Sounds like this film may be worth watching again.

Hawk the slayer
I sometimes remember this being called black hawk but I think thats because all I remember is the character Crow (a bird that is black see, although the character isn't actually a crow and doesn't really look like one) who could shoot arrows like a machine gun. Apparently this film is awful, but I was probably 8 when I saw it and therefore thought it was amazing. see: link

North Star
Is what I call this film in my head. Title may consist of any of the following words:
north, star, sun, bright, wind
But its probably called something totally different as I have had no luck in tracking down this film. 'Northstar' is a western film and maybe also a 90's film with chuck norris. Fist of the north star is also something else.
Here is my recollection of the plot:

  • Man (an astronaut) goes into space
  • Man goes for a space walk
  • There is a solar eclipse (or solar flare something to do with the sun, or maybe he got hit by a gas cloud from the tail of a comet) things go a bit wonky, maybe the astronaut's mate dies or something
  • Man gets back to earth and it turns out that that he's been changed so that when he looks directly at the sun he becomes kind of super human
  • Too much looking at the sun however causes him to start turning the colour of molten lava and his head expands like it is about to burst
  • Fortunately a cheap pair of ray bans stops any unwanted head popping
  • most memorably scene is the guy is in an office building with some scientists(or doctors or nasa officials) and they have a transparent white board with some complicated maths problem on it. The board is sat in front of a blind that is closed. They open the blind and our guy gets powered up by the sun outside and does some maths very quickly.
  • I can't remember what other cool things our guy could do maybe he was super fast/strong or had lasers or something.
  • I might remember some stupid bit where he's with some girl and they need to get past a security pad door thingy and he enters every possible combination really quickly. This may however be a different film involving someone with super powers
  • I think theres a bit at the end with the bad guy and our hero and someone almost goes head pop but doesn't or something.
Weirdly there is some loony out there claiming to be solar powered: link
I have been trying to find out what this film is for ages and still have no clue. I can't find it on IMDB or google or any lesser such resources. If anyone remembers this film or even better knows what it was called then please let me know. (email link on homepage)

NorthStar Update [July - 2003]
ARRRG its on the IMDB!! easily found by typing "northstar" into a search box, but if you search for "north star" it doesn't come up. Link here

Thanks to Twitch for also remembering the film and putting me out of my misery. Here is the message from Twitch and also his plea for identifying another film:

[from: Twitch - Tue, 22 Jul 2003 ]
I totally remember northstar, especially the bit when he cracks the door entry code in under 10 seconds.
here's the IMDB link:

In return do you or anyone lese remember a aussie film about an experiment in a new power source.
A bloke wakes up to find the city empty, goes a bit mental then finds 3 others still around.
It then implies that they could all be dead.
It ends with the main character turning off the experiment by driving a truck full of dynamite into it and then a weird shot of the others standing on a shore line looking at a rising saturn.
Can't for the life of me remember it's name so I cant search for it.

Oh well.



If you know what he's talking about mail me or Twitch, and let us know.

NorthStar Update [November - 2003]
I got a couple of other emails one I got months ago and the other i got like an hour ago.
I think i'm going to just keep adding all the mails people send in and see where it goes.
The whole reason I put this page up in the first place was in the hope that someone out there would give me the info I couldn't find and that eventually worked. Now this page seems to be helping the 3 other people on the planet who have been having the same problem as me. At least now we know we weren't crazy.

[from: dave davis - Fri, 25 Jul 2003 ]
Hello Phil. How you doing?

Thought I would let you know that after god-knows how
long trying to find that "Northstar" film, I have
finally found out what it is called and various info
about it from the link on your web-site.

Weird coz I had exactly the same memories as you did
roughly and was conducting my search under "North
Star" and finding nothing. Your site was on a link on
google eventually and I am relieved. Was the film
actually any good and do you know where I might find a
copy coz I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Thought it
was great when I was 10 but, you know...

Any way, get back to me with any news if you can and
thanks for your help.

ps. I bet after all that hassle the film's crap.

[from: Paul Aubrey - Fri, 14 Nov 2003 ]
I also remember that Northstar Film but everytime I mentioned it to someone I just got a "your crazy" look off em. Didn't his eyes go green or something before he ran fast?. I just remember it being a good film.

As for that other one, I remember that too, Didn't it turn out that they all committed suicide at the exact moment there was a nuclear strike. One of them slit their wrists in a block of flats whilst in a shower..I can't remember what the others did. And I'm buggered if I can remember what it was called. But hey, I can vouch it exists.

One I recently found the name for was a series about a bloke that recharged of plug sockets and had a "CHIP" that could make him a car or helicopter. The car was capable of turning at 90 degrees. It had a blue outline to it too. That was called Automan.

But one I really want to know about is does anyone remember seeing a film about camelot but it was based on motorbikes. They travelled about jousting on motorbikes, but the story was that of camelot in the modern era. I think it had Ed Harris in it who played lancelot but not sure.

Anyway, let us know about other weird films and I'll have a scan for that aussie thang.


[from: am suzuki - Tue, 17 Feb 2004 ]
Phil, Twitchy:
The mystery film described on:, of course, _The Quiet Earth_! (O.K., I had to trawl some
"last-man-on-earth" movie lists to refresh my memory):

As I recall, leading lady makes breakfast wearing apron (only) and
supporting actor, (next-to-last-man-on-earth), makes male lead jealous,
which kind of distracts him from his mission to find out how he killed
most everybody on the planet. (Unfortunately, I think it also
distracted the
filmmakers from figuring that out, at least in any sci-fi sense.)
rising" was on the box art--it was the reason I rented it. Actually, I
specifically remember that being in the film, but it's been
was some sort of sci-fi transcendence imagery, a la "Jupiter and Beyond

Hmm, like the recent movie _Castaway_, I remember the solitary
more convincing than the human interaction that followed....

Films Update [March - 2004]
This guy obviously knows how to run searches on IMDB or he's just seen a lot of crazy films.
Here he is again...

[from: am suzuki - Fri, 27 Feb 2004 ]
Phil, Strawbs:

Re.: The Camelot/motorbike film described on:

Must be "Knightriders": George Romero, Ed Harris, Stephen King (as an
extra), this film has quite a lineage...but I don't think I've seen it:

Sounds interesting!

Thats all the excitment over for now
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