Director 3D

Part 01 - 'the spinning man'

[82kb shockwave]
One of my first experiments with the new 3d capabilities introduced with Director 8.5.

The model uses a lot of polygons and an image map, hence the large file size.

I examined some of the default behaviours to work out how to apply transformations to the 3d world. I then created a script so that you could spin the man around in his chair using the mouse.
The script was then extended so he bent over as he span faster and this was updated to include some dazed stars.

Part 02 - 'cars'

[19kb shockwave]
[car clones]
The original 3d world file contained the model of a single car. I created a parent script that created a clone of the car model and applied an independent motion behaviour to it as part of the child script.
Using the parent script a child script was created for each car that appeared in the world

The motion behaviour for the cars involved a random driving pattern and collision detection.
When a car collides with an object it bounces backwards sharply. This can cause problems when cars get 'stuck' within each other and end up flying backwards.

The cars wrap around the driving area so when the drive off the edge they appear on the other side.

Part 03 - 'rockets'

[19kb shockwave]
[rocket clones]
An update of the cars, expanded into 3 dimensions using rockets. Having a whole extra dimension to move around in causes less collisions.

I dont think these rockets have a boundary, so they tend to just wander off into the distance after a while.

You can use the mouse to rotate the camera around the world.

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