Anamorphic Video Player [ 32kb zip ]
So you have worked out how to get a video signal out of your computer and into your shiny widescreen television, you have a divx of a widescreen movie trailer that you want to play. The signal out of your PC will be in 4:3 format which means you will need to use your tv's zoom functions in order to get your video to fill the screen properly.

Or you can download this simple little video player app that lets you playback video scaled anamorphically. It will look squashed on your monitor but will get stretched out to the proper size when played in widescreen on the TV. This means you are using a higher resolution signal from the pc to the tv kind of like the advantage of widescreen dvds over letterbox dvds.

This is especially useful for videos that are wider than the 16:9 format, these will be anamorphically scaled up to full size whilst keeping the original aspect ratio (putting black bars above and below).

The app was written very quickly in Visual Basic 6, it just uses some MCI calls to play a video and define the playback area. I haven't tested it yet with my TV, so there may be a version 1.1 to come.
You could of course use something like TVTOOL to manipulate the output of your graphics card to allow a widescreen output.

UPDATES - March 01 2004 - versions 1.1 + 1.2
Some new features have been added.
version 1.1:
- overscan
- website link

version 1.2:
- underscan
- screen saver disable
- attempt at fixing fullscreen window draw failure (that only happens on my pc at home, yet to test this)

Philip Bignell 2004

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